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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #49184

About Retha Millikan, M.S.

Retha Millikan is a compassionate person who has worked as a certified pastoral counselor for over 25 years. She completed a master’s degree in counseling in 2005, and was licensed in 2009. She opened her private practice at Cornerstone Psychological Center in Roseville, where she enjoyed working with children, families, couples and individuals on a wide array of issues. She has recently relocated to the Antelope area.

Style of Counseling

Although Retha considers herself an eclectic therapist, drawing from a variety of counseling theories, she is primarily informed by David Burns’ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She uses John and Julie Gottman’s research in Marriage/Relationship Counseling. Retha is a directive counselor who assigns activities and short assignments to help encourage momentum between sessions. The goal is to help client and therapist to collaborate in ways that enable the client to practice interventions that lead to the client’s desired outcome.




Marriage & Relationship Issues


Family Counseling

Life Transition Challenges

Interpersonal Boundaries

Parenting Support

Co-Parenting Support for Divorced Families

Bipolar Disorder with Family Support

Online Counseling Now Available

Retha has recently added video counseling to her repertoire. Currently this is done by Zoom, however that may change. Video counseling can be very convenient for clients, however, it should be noted that “in-person” counseling is still the method of choice, since gesture, facial expressions, and an absence of technological issues enhances the therapeutic relationship. If you would like to use Zoom, let Retha know, and an in-depth discussion will help you both make that decision.